Carlos Ruivo

Timeless Songs

 Hi Everyone, 

My Name is Carlos, my Passion is Music.

I Built this Website to Share What I Love Most With You! 

I bought my first guitar and started writing my first songs at the age of 13.

As I discovered what I really liked to do, and I am talking about singing songs, I started doing it everywhere…-  let’s say…  ” overdoing it“.

Had my first bands, started to sing professionally, and in a couple of years I had already a handful of finished songs that I would seldom play to my friends. Those songs were the most precious thing in my life.

To cut a story short, by the time, I got very close to fame and fortune and in fact, when I moved to London, I was hanging around with lots of my Music Heroes , but I wasn’t ready for life’s mysterious ways or any kind of compromise.

After two recording deals and one tragedy, the compromise I accepted was to slow down and build a Beautiful Family.

My love for Music and my Songs has been kept hidden deep within me and not even the attempts from Universal Music to own my Songs via a Publishing Deal did wake up the urgency to make my songs Public.

Well, Throughout the Years, I did some TV shows and played in some local radios, so some demos of my songs did have the fortune to be listened by many.

For some years now, I offered Free Downloads of some songs for free . On the first year alone, the song Alado has been downloaded almost 2 million times.

Over the years I wrote more than 100 songs, all of it still in my head. This time I am committing myself to start recording my favorite ones and make it available for all to listen.

I would love to have you as one of the persons who will receive the results of my effort.

The more people I have interested in listening to my songs, more energy I will have to work harder.

People interested in listening to my songs are the fuel to my work, so an active part of this project. In a few years, you will be free to say you are part of the creative process of  these songs. I am building all of this for your enjoyment.

Thank You for Reading All This Way!

Please Listen to my Songs, Watch my Videos, Comment and Subscribe

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