Hi Everyone,

My Name is Carlos, my Passion is Music.

I Built this Website to Share What I Love Most With You! 

I bought my first guitar and started writing my first songs at the age of 13.

As I discovered what I really liked to do, and I am talking about singing songs, I started doing it everywhere…-  let’s say…  ” overdoing it“.

Had my first bands, started to sing professionally, and in a couple of years I had already a handful of finished songs that I would seldom play to my friends. Those songs were the most precious thing in my life.

To cut a story short, by the time, I got very close to fame and fortune and in fact, when I moved to London, I was hanging around with lots of my Music Heroes , but I wasn’t ready for life’s mysterious ways or any kind of compromise.

After two recording deals and one tragedy, the compromise I accepted was to slow down and build a Beautiful Family.

My love for Music and my Songs has been kept hidden deep within me and not even the attempts from Universal Music to own my Songs via a Publishing Deal did wake up the urgency to make my songs Public.

Well, Throughout the Years, I did some TV shows and played in some local radios, so some demos of my songs did have the fortune to be listened by many.

For some years now, I offered Free Downloads of some songs for free . On the first year alone, the song Alado has been downloaded almost 2 million times.

The stories started:

  • The many couples that got together because of my songs,
  • The friend that told me he didn’t commit suicide because at the very last moment he heard my song Bubble  in his car,
  • The family where this young kid was singing my song all day for more than one year, pressing play in the tablet, listen to the demo of Loucuras it, sing it and dance it.
  • The friend that told me he found the needed strength and vision to change his life when listening to a demo of Man in the Mirror,
  • The many reports from all over the world of people that told me they had very strange but clear visions when listening to my songs, “I saw my future husband“, I knew exactly what to do, I finally relaxed after many years, I got the courage to do it, etc, etc…

I thought about not including these episodes in here, as it could sound strange , or scary to many, but just like a friend told me “maybe that happens with many artists who write songs. Songs can do a great deal for the world”. I think it is true, maybe its like the lottery, only a few can be lucky to win it, but it is possible. Also when I told some of these people I was going to build this website and do my best to make my songs heard, they begged me to talk about it, “please don’t say my name, but talk about it, people need to know these songs changed my life”. All of this summed to the fact that  all of these stories are so positive and inspiring, led me to tell you about it.

Over the years I wrote more than 100 songs, all of it still in my head. This time I am committing myself to start recording my favorite ones and make it available for all to listen.

I would love to have you as one of the persons who will receive the results of my effort.

The more people I have interested in listening to my songs, more energy I will have to work harder.

People interested in listening to my songs are the fuel to my work, so an active part of this project. In a few years, you will be free to say you are part of the creative process of  these songs. I am building all of this for your enjoyment.

Thank You for Reading All This Way!

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