One Song - One Story.

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With my #1 Album Almost Coming Out, I decided to start giving you some clues of what exactly is Coming Your Way.

Today I will be Talking about my First EP the Song “25 Years”.

And as the title suggests, there is one story to be told – Here We Go…!

Five years ago, I was living in China, in the beautiful city of Shenzhen. One of the good things about Shenzhen is that you meet a lot of special people in there, as not everyone is suited to live thousands of miles away from home, family and friends.

In China, Chinese people often talk about work and business, but not much more. It’s very common to meet someone Chinese for years and yet you never know anything personal from that person. Chinese people don’t like very much to open themselves about personal matters although some exceptions occur. On the other hand when you meet someone in China that is not Chinese, things can go very fast in terms of opening up your heart and sharing a brief story of your life with a stranger. Just like a very good friend of mine that I met in China once told me, if you have Black Box for complete absence of knowledge and White Box for a lot of knowledge about someone,  in China, two foreigners that have just met can go from Black Box to White Box in just a couple of hours and a few drinks.

This Song, “25 Years” has been written for one of those persons, more exactly two – A Great Couple of Special People.  I met them at one of my shows, later they returned to listen to my songs, then we met outside the show and we went from Black to White Box at speed of light. We became Very Good Friends and I decided very fast that if that was only depending on my choice,  they would be my friends for life.

Two years passed and that couple with their two daughters was more and more being my family in China and I was just waiting for the opportunity when it would be possible to join my Good Friends in China and their Daughters with my Own Wife and Two Daughters.

Once, they told me we needed to meet and talk and then they invited me and my family to join them on the Celebration of their 25th Wedding Anniversary because they would like me to play my songs on the event and also they  wanted my family to be present.

I got briefed with the plan -We would all meet in Europe with their European friends, get on a cruise ship  for a one week cruise vacation where the celebration would take place. Great Plan – Our Families where about to Finally Meet.

I had only one doubt… what would be my present for such Special Event with Such Special People?

The date of the trip to Europe was closing in, when I realized that the Special Present would be… an Original Song. I would try to write a song and sing it for them.

Writing the song was as magical as fast – I was also celebrating my 25th Wedding Anniversary and just like them, I also had two daughters and a very similar experience. As I got the song almost finished, I got myself thinking that the coolest thing would be to surprise the bride with the groom singing the song as a surprise gift, so I told my friend about my idea and invited him for several rehearsal sessions at my place.

He first started telling me he wouldn’t be able to do it , but with a couple of hours of training after, he started to feel more confident about his task and he was doing it even better than myself.

When his training was almost finished I then found out there was something missing on the song and added the middle eight.

” I Would Walk the Earth

Vossi Cruise

I Would Sail the Oceans,

As Long as We Can Smile,

It’s Been a Crazy Ride,

With You by My Side,

I Would Do It All Again, 

I Want to Fly…”

He was once again nervous with the learning of  the new part where the singing was harder, but he sorted it out.

Everybody traveled to Europe. Our families got to finally meet and it was fun to see how two families from different countries could have so many things in common.

We then had the Celebration – That took place somewhere on the ocean performed by the Cruise Officer and afterwards we all moved to another location on the Ship for a Big Party –  I then invited the Groom to sing for the Bride in front of all of the friends, and….

Yes – He did it Well, and although it was the first time everyone was listening to the song, the crowd sang the Chorus  “Give me 99, 25 is Not Enough – We’ll Fight Against the Time….”

And Yes – The Bride Cried and Everyone Was Very Emotional With the Special Moment. On that moment I realized I wanted to share that song with more people.

One year later another friend let’s call him “C”  listened to the song at one of my shows and told me We Needed to Record it Well. The tracks were then  recorded and sent to the U.S.A. to a Major Studio, with a Major Grammy Winner Producer – More tracks have been recorded and added to the song at the studio in Los Angeles – California.

A final version was Mixed and Mastered but the end result was my friend “C” didn’t like the final result and the producer later contacted me telling that there was not an agreement on the final result and that that version of the song was not to be used. Got it now on my Archives.

The Song is finally Recorded, Mixed and Mastered. Everyone is Happy with the Final Result.

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